Return to Haiti: December 2013

December 12, 2013 M'ap ale; M'ap tounen- I am going; I am coming back. I say this phrase every time we visit Caneille. Over the past eight years I have always kept my word within a few months - returning to check on our work; reconnect with our students, teachers, and the community; and plan with our … Continue reading Return to Haiti: December 2013

2012 Year-End Update

Dear Supporters, This is my second and final year-end letter written from my US Peace Corps posting in rural Swaziland.  Rebecca and I have had a great experience and continue to learn so much, not only about how to help the people in our community, but how to increase the effectiveness of our work in … Continue reading 2012 Year-End Update

CORE Support Team Announcement

Dear Supporters, The Caneille Regional Development Fund has always sought to make charitable giving more purposeful and rewarding. Generous individuals have made supporting CRDF a priority because of the opportunity to make a positive difference in the small community of Caneille, Haiti. It is because of what we have seen and learned over the past … Continue reading CORE Support Team Announcement