What you need to know about the protests in Haiti this week

Since February 7, wide-spread and violent protests have swept across Haiti. Though it started in Port-au-Prince last week, the protests have roots that go back to protests last year related to gasoline prices, and now thousands of protesters gather throughout the country, even in rural towns. Citing, "A worsening economic crisis that has led to a … Continue reading What you need to know about the protests in Haiti this week


Three Years Later

January 21, 2013 This month marks the three year anniversary of the earthquake that struck Haiti’s capital and outlying region.  Over three hundred thousand people died.  Those who survived found their country ravaged; schools, hospitals, homes, and government buildings destroyed.  Large populations of people found themselves with nowhere to take their children except for vast … Continue reading Three Years Later

2012 Year-End Update

Dear Supporters, This is my second and final year-end letter written from my US Peace Corps posting in rural Swaziland.  Rebecca and I have had a great experience and continue to learn so much, not only about how to help the people in our community, but how to increase the effectiveness of our work in … Continue reading 2012 Year-End Update