Preview of CRDF Film

Board President Rebecca Zornow has been working hard to compile a short informational film about CRDF to better tell our story. She's armed with a great interview between founders Oliver Zornow and Huguener Bastia as well as a decade's worth of video clips from Caneille. The full video will be ready to view and share … Continue reading Preview of CRDF Film


What you need to know about the protests in Haiti this week

Since February 7, wide-spread and violent protests have swept across Haiti. Though it started in Port-au-Prince last week, the protests have roots that go back to protests last year related to gasoline prices, and now thousands of protesters gather throughout the country, even in rural towns. Citing, "A worsening economic crisis that has led to a … Continue reading What you need to know about the protests in Haiti this week

School’s Out for Summer! – Update from Caneille

Today marks the end of our ninth school year at Ecole de la Grace de Caneille.  The region is a far different place than when I first visited. On each of my visits, I am amazed at the impact small efforts can have in transforming lives.  This past Spring, I spent a little over a … Continue reading School’s Out for Summer! – Update from Caneille

Holiday Fundraisers This Weekend

Hello Everyone, CRDF is busy getting ready for upcoming fundraisers as well as making some positive additions to our board.  If you are looking for a way to begin getting in the holiday spirit this weekend, please attend one of our fundraising events.  As always, 100% of funds raised go to our on the ground … Continue reading Holiday Fundraisers This Weekend

Return to Haiti: December 2013

December 12, 2013 M'ap ale; M'ap tounen- I am going; I am coming back. I say this phrase every time we visit Caneille. Over the past eight years I have always kept my word within a few months - returning to check on our work; reconnect with our students, teachers, and the community; and plan with our … Continue reading Return to Haiti: December 2013