Alternative Gifts Catalogue

Simplify holiday gift-giving and make a real difference by donating in honor of family and friends this holiday season. Take care of some of those hard-to-shop for individuals on your holiday list while contributing to our work in rural Haiti. Donate in honor of a loved one and receive a holiday card describing your donation to give in lieu of a traditional gift.  Use the buttons below to purchase these great alternative gifts.

Child at Lekol de la Grace de Caneille

Send a Child to School
for One Semester – $25


Equip a Classroom with Teaching
Supplies for One Year – $40

Met Occean

Send an Entire Class
to School for a Month – $150


Opportunity Through Education
(specify your own amount)

One thought on “Alternative Gifts Catalogue

  1. I would like to say that I hope this donation will in some way help towards a GREAT education for the children. I would love to help. Keep safe and continue your good work.

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