2012 Year-End Update

Dear Supporters, This is my second and final year-end letter written from my US Peace Corps posting in rural Swaziland.  Rebecca and I have had a great experience and continue to learn so much, not only about how to help the people in our community, but how to increase the effectiveness of our work in … Continue reading 2012 Year-End Update

Year in Review – 2011

This will be the first of two 'year-in-review' updates that I will be writing from overseas. As most of you may already know, Rebecca and I joined the US Peace Corps in June and have been assigned to serve for two years at a rural, primary school in Swaziland. Our time here has been great … Continue reading Year in Review – 2011

Fall 2010 Newsletter

While the earthquake in January 2010  brought about a host of new challenges in Haiti, Lekole de la Grace de Caneille was able to continue both its operations as well as welcome 27 new students from a nearby refugee camp.  Despite the enormous challenges our students and teachers faced this year, we sent our first … Continue reading Fall 2010 Newsletter

End of School Year Update

This year has been an eventful one in Caneille.  It began on January 12 with a magnitude 7.0 earthquake rocking the Haitian capital.  With Caneille over 40 miles away from the epicenter, there was no physical damage to any of our buildings or student’s homes.  However, that does not mean this region went unaffected by … Continue reading End of School Year Update