November’s Waukesha parade tragedy hit far too close to home for me.  It hit on a personal level as a mom who takes her kids to holiday parades and as a friend of those who were there that day and saw the unthinkable. It hit a second time as a nurse and someone trained in trauma-informed care who works for the pediatric healthcare system where so many of the injured children were transported to for their care.  

As I have reflected on this horrific event and tried to provide support where I can, I also have been reminded of how many children and families in Milwaukee, the state of Wisconsin, our country, and across the world in places like Caneille where children must overcome poverty, violence, trauma, and political unrest as part of their daily life.  The stability, consistency, and support provided by our amazing teachers and community leaders to our students at L’ecole de la Grace is an incredible way to reinforce and bolster the incredible strength of the Haitian community in Caneille.

This holiday season, I feel blessed for the health and happiness of my family, as well as to have witnessed the tremendous growth and potential demonstrated by the expansion of Caneille Regional Development Fund.  The board has embraced the expanded scope of our work to not only support Caneille’s primary school and students, but to now collaborate with some amazing partners to fund opportunity through education for all students at L’ecole de la Grace as we now support the secondary school students as well.  New partnerships and donor support allow us to consider the needs of the school holistically.  

The CRDF Board wishes all of you a blessed and peaceful holiday season and we look forward to your continued engagement and partnership in 2022.

-Jacqueline Whelan-Lambert, CRDF Board President