Bonsoir. Our trip to Caneille was wonderful. You can check out updates 1 and 2 and we’ll provide the last of the details here.

In this second half of the week, Oliver and I hosted a parent meeting with 150+ community members. We asked what success stories they’ve seen from students who have graduated from the school, what barriers still exist to education, and how to keep youth in the community from leaving in favor of the larger cities.

This last point was particularly exciting. You can tell it’s been discussed before. The parents generated many ideas about job creation, but were also discouraged by how big those plans were. We shared for a long time about the small steps we can take to get there, like parents sharing their skills in sewing, gardening, construction, and cooking with young people.

We also met with another CASEC member to talk about his community and the work there. We had a great discussion about a local water pump and the systems around it, and visited a school constructed by the European Union. The school was given to the community to operate after it was finished, but the community faces immense struggles in running it. We were told it was running, but when I looked inside, I found bear rooms.

This CASEC leader talked at length about how the workshop gave him confidence as a leader and inspired him to pull his community together.  Following the workshop, he asked his community to chip in to support a new water reservoir, while the community support fell far short of the cost of the reservoir, the European Union partnered with the community to complete the project and now the reservoir serves hundreds of homes.

We also distributed dozens of LuminAIDS to our sixth grade students, school cooks and  security guards, and community members. Thank you to LuminAID and All Saints Episcopal Church for this great donation.

There were no issues while we traveled out of Haiti, but very long waits at the airport. Except for many people utilizing face masks, it was all business as usual there.

Thank you for following along this week. We wish we could take you all there to see the hard work families are doing to create a better life for their children. In the meantime, here’s some photos from the trip.