Are you wondering who sits on the Caneille Regional Development Board? We recently interviewed Jenny Jansen. Jenny has been part of the CRDF board since January 2014.

Tell us about yourself: where are you from, background (work and school) and one-two fun facts about yourself. I was born and raised right here in Appleton, WI. I attended Appleton West (GO TERRORS) and Marian University. I graduated magna cum laude from Marian University December 2015 with a double major in Marketing and General Management and a minor in Organizational Communication. I work at TIDI Products, in Neenah as the enterprise Trade Show and Events Manager. I’m responsible for the development and execution of a comprehensive, integrated strategy for trade shows and corporate events.

JennyJ 2018
Jenny Jansen

How did you hear about CRDF? I heard about CRDF from Jane Zornow during my Junior year of college. I met with Rebecca and Leslie to learn more about CRDF and instantly knew this would be a great fit. My parents always told me that everyone deserves a fair chance in life. Knowing I could help make a difference in rural Haiti, I accepted the challenge!

What is your position on the board? Length of position with CRDF? I’ve been on the board for the last four years, serving currently as the Marketing Coordinator. I oversee our entire social media presence along with increasing awareness of who CRDF is. Being part of CRDF for the past four years has been nothing short of amazing. We’ve done some great things as a team.

Unfortunately, the time has come to hang up my marketing coordinator title at the end of the year. I’ll forever be thankful for the opportunity to sit on this amazing board with a great group of people.15624797_1822523921332063_389985040521494528_n(1)

What do you think makes CRDF unique? I love how CRDF started, Oliver had a vision and went with it during his senior year of high school. He was able to create something amazing by thinking outside the box. When you donate to CRDF, all funds go directly to the school! To be able to provide educational grants to a rural school in Haiti has been nothing short of amazing. Seeing our hard work first hand during my first trip to Haiti in April 2018 really was one of the best things I’ve done. All the students and parents are grateful to CRDF. When I give financially to CRDF, I know those funds have a direct impact on students and teachers in Caneille, many of whom I’ve personally met and worked with.

Caneille, 2018

Why did you choose to sit on the CRDF board? I’m passionate about education and giving everyone a chance regardless of their background. By sitting on the board for the last 4 years, I was able to share our message of who CRDF is. Caneille is a poor community, many of these young students don’t have clean drinking water or electricity. When they’re in school, they get a hot meal every day and drinking water. Knowing I’ve done my part in raising awareness about Caneille, I can feel good about what we’ve done. There’s still time to be part of our CORE program!