The following blog was written by Ella DeMay and Keanna Schultz, Valley New School students who hosted an event in support of CRDF a few weeks ago. You can find out more about their project-based charter school at

On December 20th, 2017 we hosted an event titled Printing for a Purpose, with the intention of raising money for the Caneille Regional Development Fund (CRDF). The CRDF is a non-profit which helps to provide education for children in rural Haiti and we felt honored to support this great cause.

Our goal was to organize and execute an appealing experience for community members to partake in. When brainstorming ideas, we noticed the recent interest in professionally-led art events. So, we decided to organize our own, focused primarily on block printing. We got this concept from our interest in the arts, and developed our idea from there.    26942019_2012373972338746_150047070_o

Before we could even begin to think about the teaching process, we had to focus on getting the word out. To promote our event we used a few different platforms including Facebook, posters, emails, and word of mouth.

The day of, we laid out all of the materials and prepped our space at Valley New School in Appleton, where the event was hosted. The class was led by Dawn Schulz, a local art teacher. With her help, we guided our guests through the printmaking process and helped them to produce unique holiday cards. It was awesome to see each person come up with completely different ideas and have a lot of fun while doing so.

Through our efforts, we have raised a significant amount of money for a great cause and also gained valuable experience with only a few complications–such as a small incident with dried out printing ink…the day of the public event. We would like to thank Rebecca and Ashley from the CRDF Board for their support, as well as Dawn Schulz, the staff at Valley New School, and the wonderful participants who attended our printing event.