We’ve learned a lot over the last decade and have made enormous advancements in Caneille, Haiti. The primary school we support, L’ecole de la Grace, originally stared with 3 grades.  Now, we provide pre-school thru grade 6 for free to the community of Caneille. At CRDF, we are so passionate about education because we believe it is what strengthens communities and empowers families to begin the climb out of poverty.

The teachers, students, staff, and parents we work with in Haiti have created a school environment focused on intellectual success and supportive care. In America, we’ve worked with volunteers, donors, educators, families, and businesses to provide financial and administrative support to our on-the-ground efforts in Haiti.  The results we’ve seen is because of the hard work of a diverse group of people, each fulfilling their own role.

A Decade of Difference is 1 week away.  We will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary as a non-profit working in Haiti and with you. Join us Thursday, May 19 at Riverview Gardens to celebrate and learn more about CRDF. Learn more and get your tickets at caneille.org/decadeofdifference.

School teachers and staff with CRDF board members

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