In honor of National Volunteer Week, we have an exciting volunteer opportunity available for you!
The Caneille Regional Development Fund founded L’Ecole de la Grace de Caneille in September 2006. This primary school welcomed over 120 students in grades 1-3 to receive tuition-free education; many for the first time in their lives.  Since then, we have expanded to included all grades pre-school – 6th grade with 250 students each year.

This year we are celebrating 10 years with a special Decade of Difference event on Thursday, May 19th at Riverview Gardens in Appleton. We are looking for 4-6 volunteers to assist the night of the event. Volunteers will help set-up starting at 5pm and work at stations until 8:30-9pm.

Please reach out to Ashley Fleming at, if you are interested in helping out!

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