When I departed for a short visit to Haiti 10 years ago, I had no idea that it would ultimately change my life forever, as well as a small corner of the world called Caneille. On my first visit to Caneille, Haiti, I caught a glimpse of what the world was like for so many. I had played with children who struggled to get enough to eat in a day and I watched someone’s life nearly come to an end because they were born in a place without access to medical care.  More than anything, I came to understand the hopelessness that my new friends felt about their ability to change the world around them.

After returning home with more questions than answers, I came across this sentence in a dry World Bank Country Report completed for Haiti that same year, “Education is the single most important determinant of an individual’s potential to escape poverty in Haiti.”  With that sentence, the Caneille Regional Development Fund was born. We provide education in a rural community because education is what empowers people to create positive change in their lives and community.

Since we began our work 10 years ago, hundreds of children and their families have been given greater opportunity through education thanks to the tremendous support of our donors.  Every time I talk with our students, teachers, or facilitate a parent meeting, I see the incredible impact of our work.


As we look ahead to the completion of our 10th academic year in just a few months, we would like to invite you to join us to celebrate A Decade of Difference on May 19th at Riverview Gardens in Appleton.  We want to share more about the impact we have had, celebrate with those who have made it possible, and introduce new friends to the cause we are all so passionate about.

This fun evening will include live entertainment, drinks and light hors d’oeuvres, fantastic silent auction items, and so much more.  Please join us by clicking here for more information and to purchase your tickets.




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