Another year, another awesome 365 days of providing free education to over 250 students in rural Haiti. CRDF had a great 2015 making great strides in the areas of board development and partnership with our on-the-ground networks.

2016 marks the 10th year of CRDF operations.  We’ve come a long way in Caneille.  When we started, we taught grades 1-3 underneath a pavilion along the side of a dirt road.  The road is still dirt, but now L’ecole de la Grace teaches k-6th grade in semi-permeant structures as we make plans for our finished school compound.  Our graduating classes have produced some of the most successful scores on 6th grade exams as well as top performers at area high schools and, subsequently, our reputation has grown.  Our non-profit board has streamlined operations and procedures and spent ten years trialing fundraising initiatives to find what works best for our organization.

We expect to have another successful year in 2016 revolving around 4 main goals:

  1. Add 1 more member to the CRDF board to have a count of 6.
  2. Host a large fundraising event in celebration of our 10th
  3. Visit Caneille, Haiti with a group of interested travelers (month TBA shortly).
  4. Increase CORE participation to 75%; visit our CORE support team page for more information. January is a great time to partake in the yearlong program.

We’re excited to meet all of these goals and connect with you in 2016.

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