Dear Supporters,

The Caneille Regional Development Fund has always sought to make charitable giving more purposeful and rewarding. Generous individuals have made supporting CRDF a priority because of the opportunity to make a positive difference in the small community of Caneille, Haiti. It is because of what we have seen and learned over the past six years that we are looking to further enhance our organization’s philosophy—that a small group of individuals can make a significant contribution to one community’s journey towards a better future.

We are excited to announce a fundraising program called the CORE Support Team. To further connect givers with the developments in rural Haiti, we are offering the opportunity to be part of a small group of individuals directly supporting L’ecole de la Grade de Caneille, our 1-6 grade primary school. Making up a group of 50, each individual member will make a commitment of support of 30 dollars a month for a 1-year term. This group will provide for the necessary funds to maintain school operations at their current level.  If you are interested in being a part of the CORE Support Team but cannot commit to the year term alone, we suggest connecting with others in your own community—a small number of coworkers, a book group, a few neighbors, and or anyone you would like to team up with—to make a shared commitment.

As a part of the CORE Support Team, you will:
• Ensure continued access to free primary education in Caneille, Haiti
• Receive frequent updates on school news and success stories
• See your impact and connect with students through artwork and class photographs
• Be part of a like-minded community making a significant difference in the lives of over 200 children and their families

The CORE Support Team is a new and exciting opportunity to support our efforts in Caneille, but the option of one-time gifts or support through seasonal fundraisers will continue to play a vital role in building projects and other important aspects of our work. Feel free to check out our ‘contribute’ page for more information.  Please carefully consider which of these options is the best way for you to continue your support of such an important cause. Questions and comments can be directed to the CRDF Board at

Thank you for your past support and we hope you partner with us again on this new endeavor.

The CRDF Board of Directors

P.S. Click Here to join the team today!

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