It is with great excitement that I can announce the recent groundbreaking for three permanent classrooms for Lekole de la Grace de Caneille. These classrooms are not only a vital step towards final accreditation, but they will provide a much needed distraction-free learning environments for our students.

Having just returned from the trip which marked this groundbreaking, I am continuously impressed by the progress that has been made in the community over the past year. It is always such an encouragement to hear the dreams of the people of Caneille and the consensus that education is the key to ensuring a better future.

Our over 190 students expressed a strong belief in its power to ensure a better future not only for themselves, but for their community. Education is the key to unlocking the hidden potential in each and every one of these children. Please consider joining with us to help finish these classrooms. If you would like to see pictures from the trip, please visit our fan page.

We are currently working on a number of Spring fundraisers, we will post more information as it becomes available.

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