I would like to start by thanking everyone who has supported the immediate relief/recovery effort in Haiti.  As someone who cares deeply about Haiti, it is moving to see so many people responding to the needs of others.

As many have anticipated, prices have begun their rise in Haiti.  While some of the increases may seem small, for so many Haitians who were just getting by before the Earthquake, any increase can have a tremendous effect on their ability to provide for their families.  These increases will, undoubtedly, also take a toll on our resources.  As expenses go up, we will need to adjust our fundraising goals to keep from cutting the services we provide to the people of Caneille.

The increased price of food is likely to have the most devastating impact throughout the country.  One example of this is that, over the past couple of days, the price of rice has shot up over 30%.  If this increase is representative of overall food prices, this will likely translate into an even further decrease in the average calorie intake in Haiti (already among the lowest in the world).

One thought on “Price Increases

  1. Thanks again for the frequent updates and sharing interesting facts about the current situation. Do you have any updates on when the School of Grace will resume classes? Also, has the population in Caneille increased as individuals flee Port-au-Prince?

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