As have all schools in Haiti, Ecole de la Grace de Caneille has closed as the country recovers from this disaster.  A number of our teachers and students have family members among the missing or killed from Tuesday’s earthquake.  We hope to resume classes as soon as possible.

I also wanted to share some words from Former President Clinton (also the current UN Special Envoy for Haiti).

“As I write, we don’t know the extent of the damage wrought by the earthquake that rocked the coast of Haiti on Tuesday. But a tragic number of people have been killed or injured, and early estimates indicate that nearly 3 million people — almost a third of Haiti’s population– may need aid, making this one of the great humanitarian emergencies in the history of the Americas.

…The entire United Nations system is working hard to meet these needs and to regroup on the ground in Haiti after the collapse of our headquarters building and the loss of many of our colleagues. The U.S. government has pledged its full support to the recovery effort, as have the governments of many other nations. Nongovernmental organizations and ordinary citizens have offered to help. Even small contributions will make a big difference in the aftermath of such destruction.

But after the emergency passes, the work of recovery and reconstruction will remain. Since Hillary and I first traveled to Haiti in December 1975, I have been captivated by that country’s promise and peril and by the persistence of hope among its people even in the face of abuse, neglect and poverty. Already, the Haitian government and citizens, the Haitian Diaspora, neighboring countries and allies, NGOs and international groups were committed to a plan for long-term development. These efforts will need to be amended because of Tuesday’s disaster, but they cannot be abandoned.”

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