I have just returned from a very productive and encouraging visit to our school in Caneille, Haiti.  As on past visits, I met with the administration, teachers, students, and parents to discuss the progress made and plan for the future.  I was able to observe each classroom and learned how the teachers use their years of experience and education to bring hope into the lives of our 127 students.  We held a short photography course, and gave the fifth and sixth grade students their very first opportunity to use a camera.  This was just one of the many highlights. 

On this trip, I was told a Haitian proverb which translates—“Hidden sickness finds no medicine.”  It reminded me that in order to expect improvement in the tragic situation in Haiti, people have to continually be informed of the needs of those facing poverty and hunger every day.

 In light of this, I have decided to use this year-end newsletter to outline the priorities of CRDF for the next six months.  It is my hope that if our supporters better understand the needs of the people, they too can spread the word to help us meet our goals.

 Our first commitment is to our original work of supporting the school.  We must continue to provide the necessary funds to pay teachers’ salaries and other expenses to keep the school operational—since we are the sole supporter of this effort.

 Our second priority is to the meal program—which provides what is for many the only meal they can regularly depend on.  Especially in light of rising food prices around the world—we have found ways to make each dollar go as far as possible by switching our ingredients and stocking up supplies in season.

 Third on our list of priorities is building additional classrooms.  Last year we were able to raise the support necessary to build one large classroom—the teachers and students are overjoyed at the ability to learn in a much less distracting environment.  In addition, for our students to continue onto the government examination taken after sixth grade we must be accredited—one of the requirements is the permanence provided by these classrooms.  Our goal is to complete one more classroom this spring.

 It is only after these three priorities are addressed that we will be able to respond to other needs in Caneille.  To meet these goals we need your help.  To finish out this school year, continue to provide meals, and build an additional classroom we must raise $12,000 by May 31.  I know we can do this!  But only with your help.

 Please consider showing your support for our efforts to empower the people of Caneille to lift themselves out of poverty.  I have always been encouraged by your support and I know I speak for the people of Caneille when I say thank you so much for your generosity—your donations are doing wonders in changing the lives of so many.

 There are many ways you can make a difference – one way is through providing the financial resources for one child’s education.  Sponsoring the costs of attendance for one child is a great goal for an individual, family, or group.  Another way is to volunteer your time at an upcoming fundraiser.  If you are interested in either of these opportunities, please contact me at CRDFund@gmail.com.

 Thank you,

 Oliver Zornow

CRDF Director

2 thoughts on “2009 End-of-Year Newsletter

  1. Thank you for sharing updates and information from your trips. I was touched by the Haitian proverb you shared in your year-end newsletter – ‘Hidden sickness receives no medicine”. With recent events, the “sickness” (poverty) in Haiti is no longer hidden from the world.

  2. I’m putting a check in the mail today, hoping you’ll be able to find out before long how the school and community fared in the earthquake.

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